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Lust for result isn’t the same as striving for greatness.

Do something that connects your body to your mind. Simple exercise isn’t enough; do something that finely tunes the control you have over your body and you will find that your mind will follow. Dance, fight, swim, do sports.

Accepting fear is being unafraid. Facing pain is overcoming it.

It seems that it doesn’t matter how much I eat as long as it’s something good. I don’t think it’s possible to get obese by eating broccoli.

Give your time and strength to other people. It feels good.

I’m not defined by what I do, but I do need to be doing something.

Forget the past, but remember mistakes.

Get to know new people, but don’t forget old friends.

It’s okay to come home and hide for a day. Just don’t do it every day.

It’s okay to feel hurt. Even if you’re partially at fault, it’s bad to ignore those feelings. It’s also bad to hold on to them, which can happen if you ignore them.

It’s never too late to apologize.

People are way more awesome than I thought they were.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself on the spot. A little embarrassment can be good for you.

Alcohol is a massive depressant. Coffee is a panic inducer. All things in great moderation.

Trying new things means more than doing it once.

Before you give up on something, dedicate at least one solid hour to it.

When creating a piece of work, let yourself go. There are no bad ideas. More often than not you’ll create something great and even if it sucks, nobody has to see it. Write down words that rhyme, draw stick figures, put your fingers on the fretboard in weird patterns, jot down obscure ideas that make no sense. It’s how all great works began.

Running away only works if there’s something chasing you.


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